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Congrats Junior Jackets A Team!!

Hello all!

I am so excited to start working with everyone this season. Here is the list of players who made the Junior Jacket A team: (the numbers correspond with your tryout number)

1. Makayla Thomas

2. Addy Hines

3. Kennedi Steward

4. Riley Gillen

6. Nichole Brown

7. Danielle Isenhower

8. Wren White

9.Patience Marks

10. Grace Bracy

11. Zevonie Horton

12. Analise Songui

(there was no number 5 so we only have 11 players)

Our official meeting will be at 6:00pm tomorrow in the cafeteria at Sprayberry High School. If you cannot make that meeting, there will be another meeting on Monday, also at 6:00pm. Dues are going to be due at that meeting. Dues are $300 and include shoes this year! I look forward to seeing you all then and getting to know you all. Please fill out the papers I gave you tonight and bring them back to that meeting.

Let's get started!

Coach Kat

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