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Junior Jackets B Team 2020!

Congratulations to the Junior Jackets of our 2020 season! You fantastic energy and desire to learn will make the difference on this developmentally-focused team. The list of players is below, but before you go...here is some important information!

Our commitment night/parent meeting will be tomorrow, 8/13, at 5:00pm. You MUST provide at least one parent on the meeting. If your player is not represented by an adult, they may forfeit their spot on the team.

At Commitment Night, we will cover the following:

  • Fees for the season

  • Season Expectations

  • Schedules for practices and games

  • Uniform Fitting

  • And More!

Payment are due during the commitment night. Again, your spot is not secured until you pay your dues. You will be receiving an introduction email with the link to commitment night from Coach Kat Maciejewski soon, so please keep checking for that.

On that note, let's see our 2020 B Team!!

The roster for the B Team is:

Katelyn Seward (8)

Leah Armer (6)

London Willis (6)

Mariyah Gonzalez (7)

Natsumi Albert (7)

Nilah Abrams (8)

Trinity Brinson (8)

Wren White (8)

Lilah Anderson (7)

Laila Sain (8)

Jayli Martin (8)

Morgan Jones (7)

Kaiya Ludd ()

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