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Thursday 7/18 Last Junior Jackets Open Gym

Hello Jackets,

Due to some unforeseen events, Thursday, July 18th is going to be our last open gym until school starts. Practices are going to resume for junior jackets on Friday, August 2nd, at our normal time from 6:00-8:00 pm. Please try to arrive at every practice at least ten minutes early.

Tryouts on July 30th and 31st are for placing any players who have not yet tried out for a team. If you have already made a team, you do not have to attend these tryouts unless you want extra practice. The more people, the easier we can work with everyone to properly evaluate skills. If you are trying out with us, let us know by filling out an online registration form under the tab "master calendar."

Reach out to Coach Kat if you have any questions about the remainder of our summer season introduction. We will do our best to share information about one-on-one clinics as supplementary practice if we do have them.

We cannot wait to see you at the beginning of our season!!

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