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Tryout Results Junior Jackets

Hello All!

Thank you for coming out to tryouts and working hard. Unfortunately, we only had 16 spots that we could fill this year. Remember: this year, both the A and B team are the same skill-wise. While we will be developmental when it comes to working on all types of skills with various levels of players, we are also competitive when it comes to games. The A team is not necessarily a "more developed/skilled" team than the B team. With that said, here is the team breakdown:

A Team:

Jaclyn Dvorak (14)

Arlanna Luckett (29)

Victoria Vespucci (37)

B Team:

Madison Mooney (2)

Riley Milner (4)

Riley Gillen (8)

Caylin Darrisaw (10)

Lia Mulvihill (11)

Mia Mehrabian (12)

Ava Rousseau (15)

Allison Wolff (16)

Juliana Dvorak (17)

Assada Jackson (20)

Liliahna De La Cruz (21)

Sara Rudeseal (27)

Sakura Albert (48)

Our first practice is THIS Friday from 6-8pm. We will have a parent/player meeting at the beginning so please stay with us at the start. Also, dues this year are $300 as they include volleyball court shoes. See you all on Friday!

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