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Our Alumni

Who has been in this program?

“This volleyball program helped inspire me to become a coach myself. I will always have appreciation for Sprayberry because they have made me a better coach, and a better person, through my experiences here.”

Kat Maciejewski

“I came into Sprayberry Volleyball with a few years of experience and little knowledge, but the encouraging atmosphere and experienced coaches really helped me both mentally and psychically improve. I love knowing my coaches were role models and all the girls on our team aided my love for this game. Sprayberry Volleyball encouraged me to play in the off seasons, join a club team, and better my self even more for the next season!

Calley Anderson

“This program helped me grow my career in the sport of volleyball. Through Sprayberry, I have gone on to new, higher levels of not only in skill, but also with becoming a more determined version of myself.

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