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Boys Club Volleyball

It has finally happened! The boys of Sprayberry High School have joined together to create the boys volleyball club. All you need to know is on this page!


What is the Boys Volleyball Club?

In Georgia, boys' volleyball is not yet sanctioned by GHSA. This means, that most high schools in Georgia do not offer boys volleyball as a sport. If the sport is offered, it is a club at the school governed by GVCA and Boys Volleyball of Georgia (see more information here). Hosting a boys volleyball club out of the school pushes us to be one step closer to sanctioned sport status.

So what does that mean for your athlete?

  • This is not club volleyball in the sense that we travel and play large tournaments (like A5).

  • There will be placements rather than tryouts in which your athlete will be placed on a team that best suits their experience level and skill level.

  • The athletes will still receive coaching (from adult coaches, not peers).

  • Practices will be 2x per week from 4:30-6:00pm (out of Daniel Middle School)

  • Some weeks will have tri-matches with other schools, other weeks will have no matches. There will be a final Georgia tournament at the end of the season in May.

  • This is a Spring sport, with the season lasting from March 1st to mid-May. Because this is a club, your school sport always comes first. 

How do I join?

Even though this is a club, it is still an athletic sport. Therefore, many of the steps to get involved are the same:

1. Complete your athletic registration on ParentVue (here).

2. Upload your completed athletic physical to ParentVue.

3. Register for the club (here).

Join Slack for notifications and updates about the season.

We happen because of support from our community!

Most of the things that help this club run are through local community support. For example, our first big task is raising money for men's weight volleyballs and permanent jerseys. Help us make this a reality!

We have a Snapraise Fundraiser page that is available for anyone to donate, share, and spread the word! 

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