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Boys Club Volleyball

It has finally happened! The boys of Sprayberry High School have joined together to create the boys volleyball club. All you need to know is on this page!


2024 Season Rosters

Congratulations on your team placement (below)! We had a lot more competition show up than expected, and it was difficult making team decisions because of this. Coach Dee, Coach Spens, and Coach M are incredibly impressed with the athletic talent and motivation these last two days of placements. Remember, our job as coaches is to meet you as an athlete where you are and help you develop your skills during the competitive season, no matter what team you are on. You or your parent/guardian has received an email with instructions for what to complete before our 6pm Commitment Night tomorrow. Please read the email and message me if you have any additional questions. See you tomorrow night!


A Team Roster:
Eric Barbalho
Noah Botello
Joao pedro Cruz
Daniel Da Silva
Enzo Dias
Liam Dingle
Kauan Dos Santos
Devon Engesser
aidan herzig
Vincent James
Brandan Jorden
Timothy Le
Daniel Le
noah nesbitt
Brandon Prayagita
Owen Rutledge
Michael Sagneri
Nathan Udo
Benjamin Vu
Noah So


B Team Roster:
Giovanny Avellaneda
Jordy Barrios
Braden Burtzlaff
Fernando Gonzalez
Kaleb Hernandez
Matheus Motta
joshua nesbitt
Daniel Phillips
Leif Spoelstra
Owen Williams
Charm Roy
liam gurley
cam berry
Usuf Aldihri
Grey Sims

We happen because of support from our community!

Most of the things that help this club run are through local community support. For example, our first big task is raising money for men's weight volleyballs and permanent jerseys. Help us make this a reality!

We have a Snapraise Fundraiser page that is available for anyone to donate, share, and spread the word! 

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