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Congratulations Junior Varsity 2020

This was an incredibly competitive year of tryouts! Way to put in the hard work the past three days. We are excited to announce the Junior Varsity roster for the 2020 season. After reading the list, don't leave! There is more information listed below....

And the players for the 2020 Junior Varsity season are:

Ava Perkins (9)

Marissa Ohara (10)

Taylor Couey (10)

Malaina Crenshaw (9)

Julia Pack (9)

Alpida Schaefer (9)

Jordan Bell (9)

Assada Jackson (9)

Amelia Espinosa (10)

Tianya Breland (11)

Syria Fisher (9)

Caylin Darrisaw (9)

Thank you for everyone who tried this year! If you did not make a team, there are many other opportunities for you to stay involved in the program. Please reach out to Coach White for information on becoming a manager.

For JV: please watch your email for a welcome email from Coach Jessica Smith! She will be sending more information about the virtual meeting being held Friday. More info to come! Also, our first practice will be TOMORROW, so come ready to play for a 3:30-5 practice. See you then!

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