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Hive Events!

What are Sprayberry Volleyball Hives?

These groups are family units that build the Sprayberry volleyball community. Our goal is to create a network of support and positivity between all levels of Sprayberry Volleyball from high school through middle school. 

Each one of our Hive family groups has at least:

  • 1 Varsity Player

  • 1 JV Player

  • 1 MS A Team Player

  • 1 MS B Team Player

  • 1 MS C Team Player

  • 1 Developmental D Team Player

What do we do?

Each season we run several activities including the following:

  • Hive Main Event- a field day with competitions and games for hives to compete against each other.

  • Game Day Events- attend your big/lil sister's games with posters and goodies to show some support!

  • Community Service Projects- spread that community love outside of Sprayberry and into the full community.

  • Fundraising- let's make raising money a competition between Hives!

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